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Designer T-Shirts Online

Buy local and international designer t-shirts online at Label 34. Our t-shirts are made by reputable local and international companies across the world. Label 34 is a friendly and customer focused retailer selling quality tee shirts online.

Label 34's t shirts

Looking for top designs in t-shirts? Label 34 is one of New Zealands premium t-shirt retailers. If you are looking for designer t-shirts for men and women then you can come to the right place. For over 4 years we have been bringing cool tees, vintage tees and designer tees to the online market. Our brands are constanly expanding, with more designs and better colours. Our website was created to show you what we have and let you buy what ever t-shirts you see online and get it delivered to your door with our free overnight tracked delivery service.

Label 34 has a range of men’s t-shirts and women’s t-shirts from designer, stand-out and trendy global brands. Our designer t-shirts are a fashion statement for both men and women, and with the launch of our website it has become even more accessible to get your designer t-shirts online.

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